Crossover Dallas | June 3 – June 11

Get three hours of credit* while on a missions trip for only $350.00!

Crossover Dallas is a massive evangelism effort that leads up to the Southern Baptist Convention. This year the convention is in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Each day we will gather with students from other Southern Baptist seminaries to worship, pray, and learn how to be more effective in evangelism. In the afternoons and evenings we will spread out into different neighborhoods to share the gospel in a variety of ways. All of our efforts will culminate in a massive crusade that will be held in the AT&T Stadium in Dallas. We will work with the Harvest America team and serve as counselors for the hundreds of people who will respond to Greg Laurie’s message.

When: June 3-11, 2018

Included in $350.00 cost: roundtrip airfare, lodging and meals (tuition is waived for this class).

If you couple the Crossover class with the SBC class, June 11-13, you can walk away from Dallas with 6 hours of credit completed! (Only your expenses would need to be covered during the SBC meeting i.e. food and lodging. In other words your costs would be the $350 of the Crossover class + expenses during the SBC meeting.)

For more information about Crossover Dallas contact the CGCS.

For more information about the SBC Conference class contact Distance Learning.

*Please insure that this class fulfills requirements for your particular degree program.