Akin’s Reflections on the 2010 SBC Annual Meeting

The record may reveal that the 2010 convention in Orlando was a historic moment for the churches of the SBC.  Only time will tell.  From my perspective it was a wonderful convention as Southern Baptists affirmed overwhelmingly how we wish to chart our future.  What were the crucial happenings and their significance at this year’s convention?  Let me highlight several.

First, and by far the most important, was the adoption of the GCRTF Report.  By a 75%-80% majority vote the report was passed with only a minor amendment, one that I believe actually strengthened recommendation #3 on “Celebrating & Empowering Great Commission Giving.”  (For those wishing to read the final report go to www.PRAY4GCR.com). … Read More...

9Marks discussion focuses on future of GCR

by Lauren Crane

In dialogue with Mark Dever, Al Mohler and David Platt, Southeastern president Daniel Akin discussed the next steps for the Southern Baptist Convention, now that the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force’s recommendations have been passed.

The men gathered late Tuesday at the Southern Baptist Convention as part of an event called 9Marks at Nine. In a time of discussion and a question and answer session, Akin, along with the others, talked about their thankfulness over the passing of the GCR recommendations, as well as what they see as the next steps to take, both on the micro and macro levels.… Read More...

Baptist21 panel challenges program idolatry, encourages cooperation for Great Commission Resurgence

by Lauren Crane
At a gathering of Southern Baptist leaders on Tuesday afternoon, proponents of the Great Commission Resurgence discussed the need for a majority vote in favor of the GCR.

Southeastern’s president, Danny Akin, said, “What is at stake is the fact that business as usual is not working well. We’ve been losing ground for 50 years and it became obvious in recent years.

“It’s about penetrating lostness and getting to gospel to the unreached and underserved areas of the world.”… Read More...

Akin reports on state of seminary

During the 2010 Southern Baptist Convention, Southeastern president Daniel Akin addressed the attendees on the state of the seminary and new initiatives it is pursuing, including increasing partnerships with local churches.

To read the recap of the report, please click here.… Read More...

Akin teaches at SBC value of running race well

Southeastern president Daniel Akin addressed pastors and convention goers at the 2010 Southern Baptist Convention on Monday, June 14. Teaching out of Hebrews 12:1-3, Akin urged believers to run the race well, and discussed various aspects of faith that are necessary for faithfully expanding the kingdom of God.

To read the recap of Akin’s sermon during the Pastor’s Conference, please visit here.… Read More...

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering update

Let me share some good news I received from the International Mission Board concerning the Lottie Moon offering. I thank God for the faithfulness of Southern Baptists and also the role Southeastern continues to play in getting the gospel to the nations. We gave well in 2009-2010. May we, by God’s grace, do even better in 2010-2011 for the glory of God and the good of the nations who must hear of a Savior whose name is Jesus. – SEBTS president, Daniel Akin

To learn about how Southern Baptists gave during the most recent Lottie Moon offering, please read the article here.… Read More...

SEBTS Health Clinic Summer Hours

SEBTS Health Clinic Summer Hours:

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**The Health Center will return to its regular Tuesday and Thursday weekly schedule beginning Tuesday, August 24, 2010. Thank you. **

Patients may reach Dr. Robert Stewart at (919)604-1297 in the event of urgent questions. For emergencies call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room or urgent care.… Read More...

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