Reflections of a Southeastern Grad | December 2016

By Kayelyn Rochester

The day before graduation I sat around a table having tea (yes, having tea) with seven other girls who just finished their first semester of seminary. One of the girls asked if we could go around the table and reflect on what we learned this semester. I giggled a bit and elected to go last in order to answer for my entire time and challenge these ladies for the semesters to come. What I did not expect was to get choked up at the goodness of our Father and at the amazement of the semesters to come when these ladies would be completely transformed.… Read More...

Attending the BWI at Southeastern

By Betty M. Smith

Attending the SEBTS Biblical Women’s Institute was an amazing experience for me. In my quest to learn more of God, who He is, who He was, and who He is about to come…it was very refreshing to participate with fellow classmates and have group discussions while learning. Group discussions covered a gambit of subject matters for Christian Women lifestyles. Although, I must admit that in the beginning I was a little hesitant about attending because the enemy was sitting on my shoulder whispering that I was too mature to attend a class with group younger women. But, I soon got over that negative thought as the process began, traveling to Wake Forest one night a week from Durham.… Read More...

Sign Up for Spring BWI Classes

I have enjoyed the variety of courses that the Biblical Women’s Institute offers. My favorite class thus far has been Christian Doctrine. The reading material and format of the course helped me develop a greater understanding of major and minor doctrines that are not often clearly explained. Furthermore, this course helped me gain a greater love for God and His word. I would highly recommend this course to any woman who wants to be challenged in her faith and wants to grow in her obedience to Christ’s command to love God with all of her mind (Matt. 22:37).

Here are the course offerings for the 2017 spring semester:

Term 3: January 19th through March 19th

WST0120: New Testament Survey I
Tuesday Evenings 7pm – 9pm (Also offered Online with David Phillips)
Instructor: Nick Alley
Course Description: This course is designed to be an overview of the books of the New Testament.… Read More...

Helping Us Get There | Biblical Women’s Institute

Helping Us Get There

By Harper McKay

My husband and I met while serving overseas as singles in Southeast Asia. When we returned home from our two-year terms and talked about getting married, we thought we would slow down, stay in America for a while, and have a “normal” life, whatever that means. We both knew that God had called us to serve overseas long term, but we did not want to move to go to seminary. We thought it would be better to take online classes and work full time near our families.

As we searched for jobs, nothing seemed to open up to either one of us.… Read More...

Academic Awards Chapel Recap | December 1, 2016

Students receive awards at final chapel of the fall semester

Southeastern held its Academic Awards Chapel service on Thursday, December 1, 2016, honoring those who have completed diplomas and certificates and presenting the Owens Evangelism Award.

Megan Wood from Apex, North Carolina, received the Diploma in Women’s Studies, a program requiring 15 courses in the Biblical Women’s Institute (BWI) program. Three women were awarded the Certificate in Women’s Studies, with a total of nine completed BWI courses: Noelle Deborah Brown of Charleston, South Carolina; Anna Marie Mills of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Betty M. Smith of New Orleans, Louisiana. Both the diploma and certificate programs prepare women for service in a variety of settings, including homes, churches and other ministries.… Read More...

Student Group Feature Series: The Southeastern Outdoor Club

Southeastern’s student groups, great resources on campus, benefit the students of Southeastern and the community. This summer, Student Life will be hosting each student group on the blog, and inviting members to share about their student group, and give information about how other students can get involved. Our first student group is the Southeastern Outdoor Club:


Joshua Woodward, now a Southeastern graduate and serving in the mountains of Nepal, saw a growing interest on our campus toward the outdoors. The combination of teaching skills and using them for ministry became appealing. With a degree in Outdoor Leadership from North Greenville, he sought to create the Southeastern Outdoor Club (SOC).… Read More...

Spring Semester 2016 Awards Chapel Recap | May 10, 2016

During chapel on Tuesday, May 10, Southeastern honored several students with awards and certificates. Southeastern is proud of the accomplishments of our students, and this semester’s awardees have shown excellence both in the classroom and in their daily lives.

Before the announcement of the awards, Chapel attendees were led in worship by Southeastern students and Dr. Joshua Waggener.


Dr. Danny Akin also recognized Sheldon Alexander for his 27 years of service to Southeastern as the Registrar, Associate Vice President for Academic Support and Alumni Communication Specialist. Sheldon will retire this summer.

Read below for a list of the students honored this semester during awards chapel.… Read More...

Asian Heritage Month

Angel Jimenez, an ambassador for admissions and the Kingdom Diversity Initiative, shares a brief history and description of Asian Heritage Month:

May 10th, 1869 marks a great day in U.S. history. The transcontinental railroad was completed which placed the country in an unprecedented success. Not only could people travel coast to coast in a week, but cargo of all types were now reaching areas that had been closed off to the rest of the nation. Businesses and the economy boomed as this great engineering feat transformed the country. Goods were not the only thing to travel across the rails; intellect and ideology also traveled to new parts of the country, ideology that would help shape the future of the nation.… Read More...

Did You Know? | The Share Shop


One of the many ways that our student body is blessed is through Southeastern’s Auxiliary Ministry, The Share Shop. Students fill the Share Shop with household items and clothing than they need to give away, and in turn, are able to shop for free. From coffee mugs, to lamp shades, to shoes and clothes for all ages, the Share Shop is an invaluable part of the Southeastern family.

The Share Shop is open weekly on Tuesday from 5-8pm, Wednesdays from 10am-1pm, and Saturdays from 9am-1pm. Donation hours are Monday – Saturday from 8am-8pm, unless offices are closed. You can find the Share Shop at 100/102 Hipps Drive, right across from Wake Forest High School.… Read More...

Did You Know?

Did you know that the Copy Center has some great resources that many students don’t even know about? Students can copy, laminate, bind, scan, and so much more! Don’t forget about some of the FREE services offered as well!

No matter what you need, the Copy Center student workers are here for you – but make sure you give them 48 hours to complete your project as they operate on a first come, first served basis.

Black and White                     

Singled Sided: $.05
Double Sided: $.08
SS 11×17: $.10
DS 11×17: $.12


SS: $.25
DS: $.35
SS 11×17: $.30
DS 11×17: $.40

Thesis Paper:







1-10 sheets: free
11+: $1.00
Books 1-10 pages: $1.00
Books 11+ pages: $2.00


1-100 sheets: free
101-500 sheets: $1.00
501-1,000 sheets: $2.00


1 per page: free
2 or more: $.01 per cut

Free Services

Colored Paper
Card Stock
Mail Tracking


Receiving: free (919-761-2313)
Local: $1.00
Long Distance: $1.50

Email your documents to the Copy Center at locker@sebts.edu to get started today!… Read More...

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