Students Recognized for Academic Achievements at Southeastern’s Awards Chapel

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary held its academic awards chapel on Thursday, December 3, to honor students who have completed requirements for diplomas and certificates through Southeastern’s certificates program and Biblical Women’s Institute.

Provost Bruce Ashford recognized the students who
represented ten different locations around the world. Bryan Douglas Kempton was awarded the certificate of worship ministry from Southeastern’s certificates program. The Biblical Women’s Institute recognized Amanda Hastings Smith from Douglas, Georgia, for her completion of the diploma in women’s studies and Amber Joy Harper from Louisville, Mississippi, for completing an advanced certificate in women’s studies.


Several students were awarded the certificate in women’s studies, including Amy Duncan of Vacaville, California, LaQuisha M.… Read More...

$6,946 for Justice

Photo credit: Danny Cary

Psalm 99:4 says “The King in his might loves justice.” We serve a God who loves justice, and as his children we are called to see that justice on earth. With 35.8 million men, women and children unjustly bound by slavery across the globe, the Church cannot simply sit back in ignorant bliss.

With this conviction heavy on their hearts, the Student Life Office at Southeastern decided to provide students with an opportunity to learn about human trafficking and actually do something about it through their gifts and prayers. Coinciding with the heartbeat of Southeastern to bring the gospel to people both near and far, the Student Life Office decided to support two organizations that are on the front lines of the fight against human trafficking both locally, through JusticeMatters, and abroad, through the International Justice Mission.


Chris & Hannah Castorena: Is Christ Worth Leaving Everything?

Is Christ worth leaving everything?Chris & Hannah 1

This is the question Chris and Hannah Castorena were asking themselves just over a year ago as they considered the implications of the Lord calling them to the nations.

Having met in Baptist Student Ministry during their undergrad career, the Castorenas had developed a comfortable life for themselves in their home state of Texas. Chris was serving at a local church doing college ministry part time while also serving as an intern with their campus ministry.

“God was really blessing our ministry there,” added Chris.But in December 2013, while attending the CROSS conference in Louisville, Kentucky with their students, Chris and Hannah’s hearts were turned to the international mission field in a way they couldn’t simply ignore. 


Dr. Eccher on the Local Church, Investing in Students & the Great Commission

For a man whose blond tips stand out amongst a crowd and who claims that his favorite color is “bright,” Dr. Stephen Eccher’s stylistic preferences aren’t the only thing that he’s bold about. After sitting down with him this week, three major things became incredibly evident about Dr. Eccher.
1. He’s passionate about the local church.
As a proud members of Open Door Church, Dr. Eccher challenges students to “take very, very seriously their involvement and membership in the local church.”
“Without that, we get lost here,” Eccher added. “If we study history, theology, philosophy, ethics, etc., and if those things remain confined to theory and head knowledge, it is of no benefit either to the Kingdom or to ourselves.”
“When you find a local church, be committed to it, love it,” urged Eccher. 

Sean Robinson: Living Life on Mission from Raleigh to San Diego

Just two years ago, Sean Robinson made the move to Southeastern to begin working on his MDiv in Missiology. Since then, he has woven himself into several key roles on campus: he’s a Campus Ambassador, a Resident Assistant, this year’s GenSend Campus Mobilizer, and a member of the Kingdom Diversity committee. Robinson’s passion and purpose are clear: he’s a man eager to make disciples wherever he goes.

Sean RobWhat brought you here to Southeastern?

Well, I love missions, partly because of what my Dad does — he’s been doing missions for 40 something years now. As I was sharing my desire to study missions with one of his friends who is a missionary in Thailand, she said, “If you want to study missions, there’s no better place to go than Southeastern.” So, I came down here for Preview Day with my dad, and just through that visit and seeing the heart for the Great Commission here, I was sold.… Read More...

Brianna Weir: Piecing the Gospel & Justice Together


The SOS team in Moldova. C@SE student Brianna Weir is pictured third from the left.

It all started at a sleepover.

In the summer of 2010, right before their freshman year, three young ladies in Winston-Salem, North Carolina determined to make their high school years count. They had recently learned both of the value of sexual purity and of the great injustice being served to millions of sex slaves who had that very purity completely stripped from them.

That night, on their bedroom floor, Save Our Sisters (SOS) was birthed. Save Our Sisters is an organization that advocates for sex trafficking victims and raises funds for like-minded organizations that are working to bring an end to the slave industry through the gospel. … Read More...

Massage Therapist

We would like to welcome Jenn McPhatter to campus! Jenn is a licensed massage therapist who is partnering with Dr. Stewart at the SEBTS Health Center. Jenn will soon offer a variety of massage therapy services to all SEBTS Faculty, Staff, students, and family members at a rate lower than the normal market rate. Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, September 5th, Jenn will be at  the SEBTS Heath Center every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Please follow the link to see the Mighty Oak Services and Rates offered for SEBTS. We hope that this new service will be a blessing to you and your family.Read More...

New Library Software

All Library Catalogue Of Theological Treatise (A.L.C.O.T.T)

The Library has adopted a new software program in its ongoing effort to keep up with the latest technology as our primary means of providing the best service possible to our patrons. The new software is from the Sirsi-Dynix Company, a leader in the field of library software. The implementation of the Sirsi-Dynix software into Southeastern Seminary’s library will be known as the ALCOTT system.

This major software upgrade is made possible through the generous patronage of Mr. Jon Alcott. Mr. Alcott has been an ardent supporter of The Library for several years and has been instrumental in several projects that have materially affected the students, professors, and patrons of Southeastern Seminary.… Read More...

Agricultural class creates synergy between SEBTS, Bayer

For six weeks this semester, students at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary had the opportunity to add a class in agricultural principles for the developing world into the rotation of traditional Biblical theology and church history classes.

As part of a new initiative, professionals from Bayer CropScience – an internationally recognized company – donated their time and knowledge to teach local believers and seminary students the basics of agriculture. The professionals offered knowledge about a variety of subjects so that members of local churches and students in Southeastern’s International Church Planting program could be trained and certified to work in developing countries around the world.… Read More...

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