10 Goals for Growth in 2018

10 GOALS FOR GROWTH IN 2018 Every new year is an opportunity for growth, both personally for you and corporately for your church.  I encourage you to adopt these goals to be a healthy leader of God’s church in 2018.[i] I will read through the Bible this year. Start this new year by following a

Why Should I Play Intramural Sports?

Sometimes the games that we love bring out characteristics that go against Christ and his Kingdom. Whether it is comparison, pride, or greed it is very easy to let these vices control us as we “play to win the game.” For most of my life I was comparing my performance to another person’s or playing

Thank You from Dr. David Platt of the IMB

President of the International Mission Board Dr. David Platt’s personal message to the Southeastern family: We’re proud of you, you are taking the gospel to the nations and fulfilling the mission of seeing the Great Commission accomplished. You are what make our school a “going” school.

Frank Page @ SEBTS

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) had the privilege of welcoming Dr. Frank Page, president of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), as the chapel speaker on Sept. 7. Drawing from the Apostle Paul’s words in Philippians 3, Page spoke on the importance of how a Christian can face reality in a godly

Performing Arts Club | Student Activity Group

The Performing Arts Club sets out to make art in a Christ-like way. PAC’s debut performance was Trifles by Susan Glaspell in the spring of 2016. We have been making shows since and striving for excellence in the process. The apostle Paul exhorts believers to excel in everything (2 Cor. 8:7) and the standard of

Southeastern at the SBC

Every year, SEBTS hosts a variety of events at the Southern Baptist Convention, taking place on June 13-14 this year, including a couple events that can be used for class credit. Consider joining us for one of the events below.

Military Affairs at Southeastern

Southeastern is honored to assist those who have served or are currently serving our country. We aim to be a place where our service men and women can feel welcomed and accepted, challenged both academically and spiritually and be equipped to serve the Lord with their talents. Our desire as Military Affairs is to facilitate your education,

4 Ways Southeastern Can Help With Job Search Preparation

The job search process is something most of us have gone through, whether we like it or not. Despite how thrilling it can be to start a new job or ministry, the experience of applying for that opportunity can honestly be stress-inducing. Between the application/resume phase and the interviews, many people would rather avoid the

Ledford Late Night Safety Policy

Beginning Monday, March 13, new security policies will be in operation during the evenings within The Ledford Center. The Ledford Center is one of the busiest and most accessible buildings on campus. While we want to be as welcoming to the community, our primary mission is to serve our SEBTS members. To do so effectively,

Career Coaching Services at Southeastern

Over the last year, the Office of Student Resources has been working to develop a new service to our students. Following the models present in institutions such as The King’s College, Wake Forest University, and Stanford, Southeastern has created a new vocational and ministry development program which will work with students to develop the vision

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