Calibrate | January 26

The College at Southeastern periodically hosts worship nights for the undergraduate students to come together as a body and remember why they are pursuing Ministry. These nights are meant to glorify God, unify the college, and to spend time worshiping through music, Scripture, testimonies, and other creative talents. These worship nights are called Calibrate.

Judson House, named after the missionary Adoniram Judson, has three values: Steadfastness, Meekness (power under control), and Sacrifice. For Calibrate, Judson House will be tapping into artful expression the way no Calibrate has done before. The focus of the night will be on Christ’s Sacrifice at the Cross, with our speaker Duce Branch.

Come join your fellow college students for a night of fellowship and growth as we worship King Jesus together! We at Judson House hope you bring your friends, regardless of faith, to realign our hearts and minds as we gear up for another semester on Mission.

Calibrate | Thursday | January 26 | 9:00pm | Appleby Chapel