Baccalaureate Colloquium

The Baccalaureate Colloquium is the culmination of a student paper competition running throughout the 2018 spring semester in which the three winners will present their papers and receive a certificate and monetary reward. Entrants must be currently enrolled, in good academic standing, and have completed at least 60 hours when the paper was written. Papers

Wells Fargo Educational Workshop | March 20

Let’s talk credit! Wells Fargo’s Work Program Manager, Caren House, will be hosting a workshop to help all of us in the Southeastern community learn more about the basics of credit so that we can understand it, establish it, and improve it. If you’re struggling with debt, this workshop is perfect because you will be

Language and Identity: The Pressure to Switching Dialects | March 20

“Normal” speech is determined by our families and local communities. Our assumptions about verbal communication are challenged and expanded when we enter new environments – this is especially true of our educational journeys. In college and seminary we gain a new theological lexicon and are faced with the challenge of communicating the gospel “down home”

Campus-Wide Yard Sale | April 28

Don’t miss the Campus-Wide Yard Sale, hosted by the Housing Office on Saturday, April 28 from 7:00–11:30am, located in the housing office parking lot. At previous campus yard sales, students and members of the community have come out in droves, which means this is also a great opportunity to meet your neighbors, not to mention

Scholarship Opportunity for Women

We have a wonderful scholarship opportunity for women at Southeastern.We want every female student to hear about this! Details can be found below: Presented by The Southeastern Women’s Fellowship For women who are being trained for service in the Lord’s Kingdom. The Scholarship is determined by committee regarding the combination of academic diligence and church

Intramural Ultimate Frisbee | March 17 – May 5

With the combination of the non-stop movement and endurance of soccer and the airborne passing skills and abilities of football, ultimate Frisbee is one of the most exciting intramural sports at SEBTS. If you’re ready to get grass stains on your shorts while enjoying the warmer weather of spring, you will not want to miss

Women’s Emphasis Week | February 26 – March 2

Next week is Women’s Emphasis Week at Southeastern and there is so much happening that you should be looking forward to! Below is the schedule for the week: Monday, February 26 *11:30am-1pm Women in the Workplace Luncheon: Do you struggle in working in an environment when the majority staff is male? Do you want to

Kingdom Choir Praise Concert | March 1

Join the Southeastern Kingdom Choir for a concert of praise in Appleby Chapel on Thursday, March 1st at 7pm. The choir will present songs of praise and testimony to the Lord and call upon others to join in singing praise to His name. The music will range from a cappella choir music to black gospel

Women in the Workplace Luncheon | February 26

“As part of the Women’s Emphasis Week, the Office for the Assistant Dean of Students to Women and the Career Development Office are hosting a luncheon to discuss issues of Women in the Workplace. The event will consists of a lunch, provided by the school, and a panel discussion on the theme of “Finding the

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