Study Tips

I believe I speak for more than myself when I say last semester was rough, and if I wasn’t organized, I fell behind after one week. With the start of a new semester, you may be asking yourself how you can prepare? Here are some tips that will help you start of this year right and keep you ahead.

Compile your Syllabuses (Syllabi)

Most of your classes should have a syllabus uploaded by now. If they haven’t, keep checking! There are several ways to compile your assignments: Excel, Word doc, calendar, etc. I personally use an Excel spreadsheet, and check off my assignments as soon as they’re done.… Read More...

GO Conference 2018 | February 16 & 17

SEBTS is gearing up for the annual GO Conference! The GO Conference is a two-day gathering of students across the country who come together in order to be sent out. This conference seeks to equip the people of God to GO to their neighbors and the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Join hundreds of students from around the country for a conference that will inspire and equip you to GO!

Have you ever asked the question, “How does God want to use me for His glory?” That’s the question we want to help you answer. God wants to use you and want to equip you for what He has called you to do as a follower of Jesus.… Read More...

10 Goals for Growth in 2018


Every new year is an opportunity for growth, both personally for you and corporately for your church.  I encourage you to adopt these goals to be a healthy leader of God’s church in 2018.[i]

  1. I will read through the Bible this year. Start this new year by following a workable Bible reading plan, perhaps one found under “Bible Study Tools” at com.
  2. I will pray every day with my spouse and family. Church leaders who really pray begin by praying with those that matter most—their family.
  3. I will memorize at least one scripture verse each week.

Why Should I Play Intramural Sports?

Sometimes the games that we love bring out characteristics that go against Christ and his Kingdom. Whether it is comparison, pride, or greed it is very easy to let these vices control us as we “play to win the game.” For most of my life I was comparing my performance to another person’s or playing with a “win at all costs” mentality. It was not until my junior year of college that I realized that I was playing for all the wrong reasons, and I noticed this while playing intramural sports.

Intramural sports are an outlet for us to compete for the glory of God and not our own glory.… Read More...

Being a Good Student Between Semesters

In the midst of the semester, students are focused on their studies, grades, and strategies for improvement. Breaks between semesters, on the other hand, are often seen as breaks from being a student. But in the same way that we never stop learning, we don’t stop being students just because school’s out for the summer (or winter as the case may be). Here are a couple of simple strategies for being a good student when classes aren’t in session.

First, prepare for the next semester. This is the more boring of the two strategies, but it is helpful. As soon as you have access to the next semester’s course materials, go ahead and get things organized.… Read More...

The Value of Short Term Missions

Here at Southeastern, we believe in short-term missions (STM), and as such, we provide several opportunities throughout the year for students to GO and live out what they are learning in class. Each and every year, Southeastern sends hundreds of students around the world, including multiple STM teams almost every break. You could say short-term missions is a part of the DNA of Southeastern.

Here are five reasons short-term missions are an important part of our students’ education and why you should consider these trips as a part of your experience at Southeastern:

  1. The Great Commission is the responsibility of each local church and Southeastern is charged to train local church leaders.

Pastor’s Conference FBC Jacksonville, FL | January 25-28

The 32st Annual Pastor’s Conference will be January 25 – January 28, 2018 at FBC Jacksonville, FL. (

Students and spouses may attend this conference at a reduced cost of $50.00. This rate also includes some meals and free books. Speakers this year include: Ravi Zacharias, Kent Hughes, H.B. Charles, Jr., James MacDonald, Voddie Baucham, Heath Lambert, Sean McDowell, and Junior Hill. To receive credit for this educational experience, students must register for CED7951 Advanced Practicum in Christian Leadership (3 semester hours, seminary) or MIN4692 Christian Ministry Workshop (2 semester hours, college).

The link to register at the student rate is on the Moodle page once you sign up for the class on Self-Service.… Read More...

Summer Camp Staff Opportunities | November 29

Have Summer Plans?

The North Carolina Baptist Convention is looking to hire Southeastern students for the summer to work at Be.Do.Tell at Camp Caswell. If you have a passion for youth and love the outdoors this would be the perfect opportunity! Stop by and see Merrie in the Ledford Center on Wednesday, November 29 from 10:00am – 3:00pm to learn more.… Read More...

Free Folk Angel Music Download

Want some motivation to finish the semester strong? How about some free Christmas tunes?

Get ready for Southeastern’s Christmas concert with some free music! As a reminder, Folk Angel from the Village Church in Dallas will be on campus Saturday Dec. 2nd at 7pm. They will be leading us in a variety of Christmas songs, and there will be free hot chocolate!! To help us get ready for the event, Folk Angel has given us a download code to get one of their albums for free! To get your free download, go to and enter the code SEBTS. Tickets for the concert are FREE but you do need a ticket to get in.… Read More...

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