“Who’s Your One” with Johnny Hunt | August 2 – August 3

Join us on August 2-3 as the North American Mission Board sponsors the “Who’s Your One” tour stop with Johnny Hunt at Faith Baptist Church! All details and FREE registration can be found HERE! ***We will be practicing all CDC guidelines with the local church leading the way.

“Welcome Back” Chapel Service | August 20th

Join us on August 20th at 6pm for an evening of chapel, worship, & dinner on the SEBTS Quad! This will be an opportunity to fellowship and kickoff the semester together as a community. In order to provide dinner for everyone, we’re asking that you RSVP for the meal only. Please account for every member

Gospel Conversations Training | April 18th

Connect Virtually for online Evangelism Training! Want to learn to share your faith with more confidence? Gospel Conversations Training is simple, powerful, and helpful to: Transition to the gospel Share the gospel Begin Discipleship Train others to share their faith This training will take place on April 18th in an online setting over Zoom. An email

Global Missions Week | April 20 – April 24

The goal of this year’s Global Missions Week is to provide the SEBTS community an opportunity to consider God’s mission and his work around the world and to ask what role each of us play in this great work. We understand that this year is different than others, but we don’t want our current crisis to distract us from the needs,

Join us for the Southeastern Alumni & Friends Livestream! | June 10th

Every year at the SBC, Southeastern hosts the best event in town for our Alumni and Friends. Unfortunately, this year’s Convention is cancelled out of a deep concern for the health and safety of messengers and attendees. However, the Southeastern Alumni and Friends event is still on! Southeastern is thrilled to host an online alumni

2019 – 2020 Baccalaureate Colloquium

The Baccalaureate Colloquium is the culmination of a student paper competition running throughout the 2020 spring semester in which the three winners will present their papers and receive a certificate and monetary reward. Entrants must be currently enrolled, in good academic standing, and have completed at least 60 hours when the paper was written. Papers

Intramural Volleyball | Spring 2020

Bump, set, spike; Intramural Volleyball will be played on Tuesday Nights! In all seriousness, the Intramural Volleyball season is upon us, details below!  The Intramural Volleyball season will begin on March 26th and end on May 7th.  Games will be played on Thursday nights from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM. To be an eligible player you

Meet Your Neighbors: Islam in America | March 12th

How much do you know about Islam? Does your knowledge come from textbooks and the news or from face-to-face conversations with real Muslims? Join us in Adams Hall, room 111, to learn about Islam from one of Raleigh’s leading Muslims: Imam Dr. AbuTaleb. Expect a brief, thoughtful lecture about the expression of Islam in North

Commissioning Chapel Announcement:

Are you a: College student who is being sent out in 2020 to serve North America or overseas over the summer or longer Seminary Student who is being sent out in 2020 to serve North America or overseas for 2 years We want to know! Contact Catherine Blinson at with some information on your upcoming mission

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