Free Breakfast for All Graduates | May 10th

The Office of Alumni Development wishes to congratulate all May 2018 graduates! Please join us outside of Binkley Chapel for breakfast, coffee, and juice in your honor on Thursday, May 10. Photo opportunities and a gift will also be given to each graduate. Breakfast begins at 7:45am for college graduates and at 9:45am for seminary

Campus-Wide Yard Sale | April 28

Don’t miss the Campus-Wide Yard Sale, hosted by the Housing Office on Saturday, April 28 from 7:00–11:30am, located in the housing office parking lot. At previous campus yard sales, students and members of the community have come out in droves, which means this is also a great opportunity to meet your neighbors, not to mention

Thank a Donor | April 30th

Did you know that charitable giving saves each full-time student $5,500 each year? This would mean having to work 80 more 8-hour days. This could buy you 7 roundtrip flights to Hawaii, 25 weeks of groceries for a family of 4, 137 copies of Dr. Akin’s Theology for The Church, or 27,500 diapers. Southeastern has

Worshiping as We GO | April 26th

When we think of worshiping, we don’t necessarily think about going anywhere. As Ruth Meyers writes, “worship is considered an activity within the church… while mission is the way the church engages the world.” But we know that Jesus commanded his disciples to GO as part of the Great Commission. Dr. Josh Via will offer

Interpretando y Enseñando la Biblia | April 28th

The Office for Hispanic Leadership Development will be hosting an event, Interpretando y Enseñando la Biblia, on Saturday April 28th from 11:00AM to 3:00PM. The event will consist of three consecutive workshops by three different speakers on how to interpret the Bible in light of the whole canon of Scripture. The event will be given

The Ministry Workers Guide to Retirement Investing | April 14

Most people don’t begin thinking about retirement until its right around the corner. However, wisdom encourages us to patiently plan for the future. Join us on April 14th from 9am to noon for free breakfast in the Ledford Center multi-purpose room as we consider our plans for the future in a discussion about retirement, specifically

Wells Fargo Educational Workshop | March 20

Let’s talk credit! Wells Fargo’s Work Program Manager, Caren House, will be hosting a workshop to help all of us in the Southeastern community learn more about the basics of credit so that we can understand it, establish it, and improve it. If you’re struggling with debt, this workshop is perfect because you will be

Language and Identity: The Pressure to Switching Dialects | March 20

“Normal” speech is determined by our families and local communities. Our assumptions about verbal communication are challenged and expanded when we enter new environments – this is especially true of our educational journeys. In college and seminary we gain a new theological lexicon and are faced with the challenge of communicating the gospel “down home”

Women in the Workplace Luncheon | February 26

“As part of the Women’s Emphasis Week, the Office for the Assistant Dean of Students to Women and the Career Development Office are hosting a luncheon to discuss issues of Women in the Workplace. The event will consists of a lunch, provided by the school, and a panel discussion on the theme of “Finding the

Intramural Spikeball Tournament | February 19

With a mix between your favorite childhood game of four square and volleyball, spikeball is one of the most popular games in America today! It’s a fun, active, and competitive competition that is sure to have you breaking a sweat and laughing in the first 10 minutes of play. The game is a two on

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