Make Music at Southeastern!

Consider participating in a music ensemble or class at Southeastern this Spring! Singers and instrumentalists can receive one free credit hour per semester by participating in a music ensemble. Also, class instruction is open to all students in piano or guitar. Discover or develop your musical gifts and make music for the glory of God at Southeastern.

Ensemble Opportunities (FREE 1 hour elective credit for “NON” sections):

1. Vocalists and band members can join the Contemporary Ensemble (MUS1585/5585) as we develop set lists, learn to use technology, and make music for worship.

2. String, woodwind, brass and percussion players are welcome in Southeastern Orchestra (MUS1584/5585) as we play a wide range of music for God’s glory.

Music Skills Classes (tuition required):

1. Learn to play keyboard with Debbie Kim, including how to read and play chord charts and create accompaniments in contemporary styles. Sign up for MUS1534/5584 Piano Class, with Tuesday sections at 11:30 and 12:30 (8 student limit).

2. Learn to play guitar with Derek Day. No experience is necessary (but an acoustic guitar is needed). Sign up for MUS1536/5536 Beginning Guitar Class, meeting Fridays from 9:00-10:50 (12 student limit). Additional opportunities are available for experienced players.

For more information about these opportunities and more, contact Professor Joshua Waggener at