Snowy Campus Photo Contest

We had some fun on our snow day. Click through the pictures that were submitted for our snowy campus photo contest below. Our winners with eyes for pictures are: Sarahaalford, Ashleeajefferys and cmrainey; honorable mention goes to: joshwaulk.

Thanks to everyone who participated. We got some great shots of #SEcampus! Days like this are fun for a break but also for the joy of being together.

Photographers: Acwhit, artrainer, Ashleeajefferys, Bekahstoneking, Chasegreeson13, Cmrainey, Ghost_t22, joshwaulk, Kaylayne, Lucusjackson, Madison_erdmann, Markbelindia, Mariaaestes, Meridithcooper2, Michaelmatthews, officialryanthomas, Pbartuska, samorris8, Sarahaalford, Sarahhopeallen, sethSprings, Snbyrd17, Tylerbrown1890