Tami Fitzgerald – Battleground NC: Marriage, Life and Religious Liberty in the Tar Heel State

Tami Fitzgerald, the executive director for NC Values Coalition, spoke at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) doctoral studies luncheon on Feb. 20.

Fitzgerald was the chairwoman of Vote FOR Marriage NC, the official referendum committee that passed the North Carolina Marriage Amendment and a lobbyist in the General Assembly on pro-family and business issues. She is an attorney licensed in North Carolina, Arizona and Oklahoma for over 22 years

Fitzgerald’s lecture titled “Battleground NC: Marriage, Life and Religious Liberty in the Tar Heel State” focused on the legal status in North Carolina on the topics of marriage, life and religious liberty.

Fitzgerald stressed that she “wants to protect the Lord’s values in our culture.”

“The only way to save a culture is through Jesus Christ,” she said. “The Lord has given us the ability to live in a culture and pass laws that advance his kingdom.”

She challenged Christians to be engaged in the culture because otherwise current cultural trends will determine the laws.

Fitzgerald informed listeners about how same-sex marriage became legal in North Carolina despite the marriage amendment passing with 61% voter support. She spoke about religious liberty in relationship to sexual orientation gender identity (SOGI) and its implications for society today.

One of Fitzgerald’s goals is to reduce the number of abortions until abortion is an unthinkable act. The audience was encouraged to support those in leadership who are making favorable decisions that support these goals.

The audience was challenged to train younger generations about the benefits of marriage. “When we start to reflect the principles of God in our families and homes, I think the marriage culture will turn around in our country,” she said.

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