Safety Reminder from Housing

Please be aware that there were several cars broken into over the weekend in Wake Forest, including some in campus housing.

These break-ins serve as reminders that though we are blessed to live in a seminary community, we should never take safety for granted. To prevent break-ins, practice good safety tips:

  • Always lock your car.
  • Never leave valuables in your car – if you must leave items, then be sure not to leave them in plain sight.
  • Secure your bicycles and other outside valuables with a cable lock.
  • Never leave windows and doors open or unlocked in your apartment at night or while away.
  • Always report persons who look out of place to Campus Security – better safe than sorry.
  • Since soliciting is prohibited in campus housing, report people soliciting to Campus Security.
  • Keep Campus Security’s number handy – (919) 291-1903

Thank you for making campus housing your home while you prepare for ministry.  We enjoy a very safe community compared to many in this area.  Let’s keep it safe by being vigilant in practicing good safety habits and looking out for our neighbors.