The Spoon Game is Back!

It’s back by popular demand! Get ready for an epic battle of The Spoon Game. The game will begin on Monday, August 31st so don’t delay in signing up. It will end on Friday, September 4th at 12:00pm (please see information below about the rules and Final Elimination Challenge that will take place from 3:30-5:00pm on Sept. 4). Online registration closes on Wednesday, August 26th at 12:00 PM. No late registrations will be accepted.

Click here to sign up and read below for further details!

What is the Spoon Game?

The game consists of players whose goal is to eliminate their targets while attempting to avoid being eliminated. Everyone has a different target and no one knows who is trying to eliminate them.

The Target:
Your target is the one person you are assigned to eliminate.

Eliminating Your Target:
You can eliminate a person only by successfully tagging them with your spoon. Do not hurt anyone (including yourself) or damage anyone’s possessions while trying to eliminate an opponent.

Protecting Yourself:
If you find out who is trying to eliminate you, your only option is to run and hide when you see that individual. Students CANNOT wear masks or cover their faces. (Seriously, campus security will come after you. Don’t do it.)

Outside Assistance:
No one is allowed to eliminate your target but you. Others may help you track down someone but they cannot actually eliminate anyone.

Allowable Weapons:
Plastic spoons (as long as you are holding it; thrown spoons do not count). Only the scoop end of the spoon should be used. You can only use the spoon you are given at the beginning of the game.

Safe Zones:
Safe Zones are areas in which you cannot eliminate or be eliminated by anyone. If someone attempts to eliminate you in a safe zone, please inform him that you are in a safe zone and that their “elimination” is invalid. Skipping class, church, chapel, or D-Group for Spoon Game purpose will result in automatic forced elimination.

Safe Zones include:

  • Classrooms or other locations where a class is in session. During a class break, a student cannot be tagged unless they leave the classroom. Each student is given a 5 minute “safe period” before and after class begins and ends and cannot be tagged during that time. This only applies if the student goes to class. You cannot skip class and then be declared “safe.”
  • Player’s living space (Exception: If you invite your assassin into your room, it is no longer a safe zone)
  • Bathrooms: Your entire body must be in the bathroom for you to be safe.
  • Places of worship (Church, Sunday School, Small Group, D-Group, or Bible study settings)
  • SEBTS Chapel (Inside of Binkley, the outside stairs of Binkley, and the gathering place in front of Binkley inside of the bushes are safe zones from 9:45 AM- 11:30 AM on days chapel is offered).
  • Inside of the SEBTS Library
  • Inside all offices and office suites at SEBTS
  • During Official SEBTS Student Group Meetings (PAL, Moses Project, etc): 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after the advertised start and ending times for these meetings students may not be eliminated. Must be an official meeting, not a group of members of the Student Group hanging out together.
  • Places of Work (On and Off Campus): You must be clocked-in to be considered “working.” Any SEBTS faculty and staff that would like to play are not allowed to tag or be tagged while they are working. However, if a SEBTS faculty or staff member would like to opt to participate while they are clocked in, they must notify Student Life. Student Life will then post a list by the Spoon Game board of all of the approved faculty and staff members who may be tagged while clocked in. Faculty and staff members may not tag or be tagged until their name is posted on the official list. These individuals will still be safe in their office and office suite, but nowhere else throughout campus.

On Friday, August 28th at 12:00 pm a picture of your target will be placed at the Ledford Center front desk for pick-up. At 12:00 pm on Monday, August 31st the game will begin. With your picture will be a plastic spoon that should be used as your “weapon.” You must carry your picture and spoon with you at ALL times until you have been eliminated or the game is over.

Elimination Details:
When you eliminate your target, your new target will instantly become the target of whom you just eliminated. For example: Your target is Sam and Sam’s target is Casey. If you eliminate Sam your new target is Casey.

When you eliminate someone, you must report the elimination as soon as possible on the bulletin board in the Ledford Center. The elimination must be reported before the next elimination is made. If an additional elimination is made prior to reporting the first elimination, the second elimination is invalid. This board will include pictures of everyone involved in the game. You will need to place an eliminated tag over the person you just eliminated and write your name on the form. This board will be helpful to everyone still in the game to determine who is still in the game and will help determine who the winner is.

If you are eliminated, the person who eliminated you will be reassigned to the player whom you were targeting. This means you should give the picture of your target to the person who eliminated you. This is why it is vital for you to carry the picture of your target at all times. If you are eliminated, we ask that you exit the game politely and with good sportsmanship. There will be opportunities to play again. Please remember that this is just a game, but your actions should be glorifying to the Lord.

Forced Elimination:
Kim Totty reserves the right to eliminate any player based on poor sportsmanship or lack of integrity. In addition, Kim Totty may choose to eliminate someone if she discovers that they are skipping classes, or if they are making choices that could be harmful to themselves or others (running into a road with cars, climbing out of a window, playing too aggressively, etc).

If a player resigns, he or she must notify Kim Totty at within 24 hours of making their decision and they must bring the picture of their target to the Student Life Office. This must be done as quickly as possible so that the game can continue for others. If you believe that someone has resigned without notice, please email Kim Totty and she will verify as soon as possible with the individual that they are still in the game. It will be assumed that any individual who has not picked up their envelope by 12:00pm on Monday, August 31st has resigned. Student Life will notify the appropriate people of their new targets.

Final Elimination Challenge: The end of it all….
On Friday, September 4th all remaining participants will report to the Ledford Center from 3:30-5:00 PM for our Final Elimination Challenge. To qualify for the final elimination, a participant will have to have eliminated at least 1 target. Student Life will give you rules and parameters for this challenge from 3:30-3:55 PM and then it will be a fight for survival from 4:00 pm-5:00 pm. It will end when there is one remaining champion.

Information about the Final Elimination Challenge:
The remaining participants are safe from 12pm noon, when the game ends, until 3:30 PM when they meet at Ledford for the final elimination.
Participants who show up after 3:35 PM will be automatically eliminated.
Students who are no longer in the Spoon Game are encouraged to come and watch, but they are not allowed to help or guard participants.

Two winners will be recognized. The first recognition will go to the last individual left in the game. The second recognition will go to the individual who eliminates the most number of targets. These two individuals will be awarded bragging rights and their winning spoon.