Military Church Planting Conference at Southeastern

PCPConference_ASEOn Thursday, November 5, Southeastern is hosting our first, one day Military Church Planting Conference. 

SEND North America, The Praetorian Project, the Military Missions Network, and Southeastern are partnering to offer this free conference focused on church planting in military communities. 

Why? Military communities all over the world need faithful churches working to reach them with the gospel. With approximately 275 military bases in the United States and an additional 150 bases overseas, the natural movements between bases present a tremendous opportunity for gospel advance. 

In recent years, there has been a surge in SBC church planting in military communities; however, compared to the great need for new churches in military communities, the work has only just begun.  While this event is focused on church planting in or around military communities, you definitely don’t need to be in the military to be part of this event.

Anyone can be part of serving and reaching the military community. Military background is not required.

Go to this site and register to be part of this strategic event. You’ll have a chance to hear from practitioners who are serving military communities, reaching them with the gospel, and planting churches in strategic locations.