Race in America Panel: Revisiting the Racial Tensions


As 2015 comes to an end and we reflect on this year, we can agree that as a country, we have had some great highs but we’ve also had some discouraging lows in the area of race relations. Terms like police brutality, white privilege, and black lives matter will either cause us to engage or withdraw from conversation. How we view said terms is often informed by our cultural lens. These lenses can be helpful up until the point where they are wedded to a bias. But the question still remains, how do I know if I have a bias? We want to help answer that question and give practical steps on how to communicate and love well across racial lines. 

On November 6th at Wake Forest Baptist Church, we will have a night of worship and transparency during the Race in America Panel Discussion. 

Panelists include:

Dr. Danny Akin, President
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Walter Strickland, Special Advisor to the President for Diversity
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Jerome Gay, Pastor
Vision Church

Dwayne Milioni, Pastor
Open Door Church

Mike Lawson, Director of Security
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary &
Auxiliary Police Officer, Wake Forest Police Department

Roshaunda Breeden, Diversity and Student Involvement Coordinator
North Carolina State University

Join the discussion! Register here. We hope to see you there.