Did You Know? | The Share Shop


One of the many ways that our student body is blessed is through Southeastern’s Auxiliary Ministry, The Share Shop. Students fill the Share Shop with household items and clothing than they need to give away, and in turn, are able to shop for free. From coffee mugs, to lamp shades, to shoes and clothes for all ages, the Share Shop is an invaluable part of the Southeastern family.

The Share Shop is open weekly on Tuesday from 5-8pm, Wednesdays from 10am-1pm, and Saturdays from 9am-1pm. Donation hours are Monday – Saturday from 8am-8pm, unless offices are closed. You can find the Share Shop at 100/102 Hipps Drive, right across from Wake Forest High School.

What Can I Find?

There’s something for the whole family at the Share Shop. It offers:

Women’s clothing/shoes/Maternity Clothing


Men’s clothing/shoes


Children’s clothing/shoes

Household decor/Tablecloths/Rugs

Kitchen utensils/Place mats

Small kitchen appliances (coffee maker, toaster, microwave)


Blankets & bedding
Bathroom accessories
Bathroom towels
Dish towels
Shower curtains
Office supplies
Sewing supplies
Craft supplies
Photo albums
Picture frames

What Can I Donate?

The Share Shop asks that Students donate seasonal apparel that is lightly used. Donations like jewelry, shoes, purses, and other accessories are always welcome. Household or kitchen items like plates, towels, rugs, and tablecloths are also accepted.

Things like toys, nursery or household furniture, and large appliances like washers and dryers are generally not accepted for donations.

All clothing donations are displayed in the Share Shop for four weeks, and then donated to other local and international charities.

Who Can Shop?

The Share Shop is open to all students, faculty, and staff and their immediate families. Students must have an I.D. to shop, and any dependent over 16 years of age must also have an I.D. card. Students may get I.D. cards made in The Ledford Center.

How Many Do We Serve?

Typically, each time the Share Shop doors open, 100 to 160 people come to shop. Mrs. Debbie Ladd, our fearless leader, says that the biggest crowd was 191 people – not including the kids that came with their parents! In the 2014-2015 school year, there were 1,139 unique student I.D.’s swiped at the Share Shop. That’s only the record of students and dependents, and does not include their children!

The Needs List

We know that there are many students who need large household items or furniture, so the Share Shop provides a Needs List. Students who need large things like a washer, dryer, bed, couch, dresser, crib, etc. are able to write their needs on the Share Shop bulletin board. When one of those items is found, Mrs. Debbie will get students in touch with donors, or hold small items that have been requested.

Manna Ministry

The Share Shop also receives donations from Panera Bread and Courtney’s New York Bagels. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, shoppers can grab some free loaves of bread, bagels, and occasional Panera pastries!




The only way that the Share Shop can stay open is through the great work of student volunteers. One favor that the Share Shop asks of its shoppers is that they volunteer once a semester. This involves signing up to help around the Share Shop location for a shift, picking up bread donations, or delivering donations to local charities. Just sign up for any volunteer hours as you check-in at the front desk.

Local Beneficiaries

Southeastern students are not the only people who benefit from the Share Shop. In fact, there are 13 other local and international charities who receive donations from the Share Shop.

The Widow’s Peak
The Widow’s Peak is one charity that benefits from the Share Shop. After their four-week time limit in the Share Shop, donated shoes are given to Widow’s Peak ministry. Those shoes are shipped to Africa where they are given to widows. Those widows are trained to become cobblers, providing them a source of income.

The Hope Chest
The Hope Chest, a local charity that sells formal wear, receives any prom or formal dresses that the Share Shop receives.

Safe Space Incorporated Variety Store
Many of the clothing donations are given to a thrift store located at Safe Space Incorporated Variety Store, a shelter for battered women.

There are so many ways that the community benefits from the Share Shop!

Mrs. Debbie Ladd

The ONLY way the Share Shop gets up and running every day is because Mrs. Debbie is a rockstar. Wife of Dr. Steven Ladd, Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy, Mrs. Debbie has been a part of running the Share Shop for eighteen years! She works tirelessly to make sure donations are received, organized, and then donated out to other charities. She receives great help from the volunteers, but nothing could happen without her. So next time you go to the Share Shop, be sure to thank her.

If you haven’t checked out the Share Shop yet, you are missing out! Take advantage of this great resource!