Spring Semester 2016 Awards Chapel Recap | May 10, 2016

During chapel on Tuesday, May 10, Southeastern honored several students with awards and certificates. Southeastern is proud of the accomplishments of our students, and this semester’s awardees have shown excellence both in the classroom and in their daily lives.

Before the announcement of the awards, Chapel attendees were led in worship by Southeastern students and Dr. Joshua Waggener.


Dr. Danny Akin also recognized Sheldon Alexander for his 27 years of service to Southeastern as the Registrar, Associate Vice President for Academic Support and Alumni Communication Specialist. Sheldon will retire this summer.

Read below for a list of the students honored this semester during awards chapel.

The Broadman & Holman Seminarian Award – Brady Gordon Glaser

This award is for a graduating senior who has completed more than one-half of the credit hours on campus and maintained the highest grade point average in the class.

Warren-Poe Award for Rural Church Ministry – Brady Gordon Glaser

An award for a graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence in effective pastoral ministry in a rural Southern Baptist church.


R.T. Daniel Old Testament Award – Paul Robert Duncan

Recipients of this award demonstrate exceptional ability and achievement in the study of the Old Testament.

Frances Jackson Durham Hebrew Prize – Terry Curt Iles

Awarded to a graduating student who shows high potential as a teacher of biblical Hebrew and Old Testament studies.

John & G. Henton Davies Old Testament Award – Cody Kingham

For a graduating student who shows high potential as a teacher of Hebrew and Old Testament.

Nannie Bruce Nelson New Testament Award – Winston Hunter Brady

Presented to a graduating senior for excellence in the study of the New Testament.

Paulino de los Reyes and Joseph Block Greek – Joel William Harford

This award goes to a student who has demonstrated excellence in the study of the biblical Greek language and shows promise as a Greek exegete or research scholar.

Arthur F. & Olga M. Robinson Advanced Language Prize – Hassan Aziz Siddiqui

Awarded to an M.Div. or Th.M. student who has shown proficiency in the mastery of Hebrew and Greek on the advanced level.


Gary A. Galeotti Outstanding Spiritual Leadership Award – Matthew Walker Moore

Awarded to a graduate with a high GPA who has demonstrated outstanding spiritual leadership and a potential for effective ministry.

John H. Clifford Evangelism Award – Zachary Philip Lyons

An annual award given to a student who has shown exceptional skill and promise in the study and practice of evangelism.


Keith E. Eitel Outstanding International Church Planter Award – [A Student]

Awarded to an outstanding student at the end of the residential portion of the International Church Planting program.


Joe B. Brown Preaching Award – Cody Cunningham, George Edward Rhodes IV and Justin Michael Ely

Awarded to three M.Div. graduates who show outstanding academic accomplishments and effective pulpit communication.


Bessie M. Sarchet Award in Preaching – Joshua Wredburg

Presented to a student who has demonstrated exceptional achievement in preaching.

Mark Corts Preaching Award – Michael Spain

Awarded to a student who demonstrates excellence in expository preaching and shows great promise for pulpit ministry in the local church.

J. Lake Williams Award in Christian Ethics – Timothy Melton Evans

Presented to a student who has shown exceptional skill and promise in the study of Christian ethics.

S. L. Stealey Church History Award – Christian Elise Thornton

Presented to a student who submitted the best term paper in church history during the current year.


Elizabeth White Williams Award for Graduate Studies in Christian Ethics – Zachariah Nathaniel Smith

Awarded to a graduate student who has shown exceptional skill and promise in the study of Christian ethics.


Williams-White Award for the Practice of Christian Social Concern – Meredith Anne Berson

Awarded to a student who shows exceptional skill and dedication to Christian social ministry or practical application of the Christian ethical concern.


David E. Lanier Outstanding International Student Award – Zsolt Sebjan Farkas

Awarded to an international student who shows outstanding academic ability and leadership skills in preparation for ministry in their homeland.

Ben S. Johnson Church Music Award – Victor Dale Dubose

Presented to a graduate student who demonstrates outstanding scholarship, personal performance skills, willingness to serve in campus musical events and excellent potential for future ministry.

Keyboard Performance Award – Jessie Ross Davis

Awarded to a piano or organ student with exceptional keyboard talent and an understanding of the importance of music in worship.

Peter Blanco Music Award – Angel Jimenez

Presented to a full-time music student who maintains a 3.0-3.2 GPA and exhibits excellence in voice and/or brass instruments.


Gerald C. Cowen Outstanding College Student – Ashley Morgan Burchett

Awarded to a college senior considered by the faculty to be the most outstanding graduating student overall in the college program.


Associate Excellence Award – Charles Gordon Scott

Presented to a graduating senior in the associate class who has excelled in scholarship, leadership, spirituality and promise of ministry.



Biblical Women’s Institute Awards

Diploma in Women’s Studies:


Susan “Suzie” Storey

Ann Elizabeth Louisa Thurston

Emma Snelling

Certificate in Women’s Studies with International Missions:

A total of 17 women received this certificate, many of them in absentia because they are currently serving in overseas locations.

Following Awards Chapel, students, faculty, and staff celebrated the end of the semester with lunch and games on the quad.