Student Group Highlight: SLAM

Since its conception, Southeastern’s Literature and Art Magazine (SLAM) has sought to provide Southeastern students and families the opportunity, community, and resources to develop their appreciation for and mastery of art in its manifold forms. As the private project of a few Southeastern students, SLAM officially began in the spring of 2015, producing its first annual publication in May of that year. Since then, SLAM has expanded and has run several contests, sponsored on-campus events, and published a blog for the SLAM community. In the spring of 2016, SLAM issued its second annual magazine, having broadened its selections to include a variety of art forms from short stories and poetry to sketches and photography.

Although presently the centerpiece of the SLAM initiative is its annual literature and art magazine, SLAM is more than a periodical publisher. SLAM is a friendly, growing, and engaging group of students who desire to produce effective art, collaborate and discuss current projects, encourage others in their craft, and help one another engage in their art form with a Godward enjoyment and a Christ-exalting excellence. SLAM’s desire is not only to provide every Southeastern student with examples of well-crafted art from the Southeastern community but also to encourage students to find, develop, enjoy, and use their art forms to extend the influence of Christ’s culture-transforming kingdom and multiply the praises of our creativity-endowing Creator.

Every semester SLAM plans and features exciting opportunities for students to practice and share their art form with the Southeastern community. Two semesters ago SLAM featured its first fall short story contest and last semester introduced its inaugural poetry contest. Over the next few years SLAM hopes to maintain this ongoing effort, expanding its open-entry contests to include sketching, photography, and screen-play events. Moreover, the editorial team of SLAM is always eager for prospective members to apply for a team position or to join the SLAM community through participation in its events, publications, and media outlets. The SLAM community is passionate about the beauty and value of art and delights in seeing others come to recognize the importance of and need for Christian artists who produce a variety of well-crafted art.

If you are interested in the SLAM community and would like to be involved or further informed about opportunities in which you can take part, please consider getting involved in the following ways:

  • Submit your work to be reviewed for publication. SLAM is always open for submissions, so please share your literature and art with us at our website ( or through our email ( Throughout the academic year we will be running contests for various forms of art, and in the spring we will publish our annual edition of the magazine. So, we would love to hear from you.
  • Check out our website: Here you will find our blog, applications for joining SLAM, and news about upcoming events and contests.
  • Apply to become a team member of SLAM. We are always eager to sit down with prospective members and hear about your passion for crafting effective art to the glory of God. So, consider filling out an application from our website to join the team.
  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These platforms will keep you informed about upcoming events and contests, recent contributions to the SLAM corpus, and helpful resources that will assist you in your creative ventures.
  • Pick up a magazine. Copies can be found across campus in the Ledford Center, Library, and Writing Center. We hope you enjoy.
  • Fill out a 2-minute survey. Please consider helping SLAM know how we can better serve the Southeastern community by completing this brief 10-question survey.

Thank you for considering how you can be a part of the SLAM community. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact SLAM at