Study Break | December 1

We know you are excited about Thanksgiving break. We know you are not excited about final exams. We also know you might need another break just to get you through it all, which is why we invite you to Study Break. So leave your books at home and bring an empty stomach, because we will have pancakes and coffee in the Ledford Center from 9-11pm on December 1st.

See your professors flipping flapjacks. Build your own yogurt parfait. Enjoy Back Alley Coffee. Have fun with friends and play some games at the Ledford Center. Because Study Break is a time to come to Ledford on December 1st at 9-11pm to take a break from studying, get free pancakes and coffee, hang out with friends, and have tons of fun.

Study Break | Thursday | December 1 | 9:00-11:00pm | Ledford Center