Attending the BWI at Southeastern

By Betty M. Smith

Attending the SEBTS Biblical Women’s Institute was an amazing experience for me. In my quest to learn more of God, who He is, who He was, and who He is about to come…it was very refreshing to participate with fellow classmates and have group discussions while learning. Group discussions covered a gambit of subject matters for Christian Women lifestyles. Although, I must admit that in the beginning I was a little hesitant about attending because the enemy was sitting on my shoulder whispering that I was too mature to attend a class with group younger women. But, I soon got over that negative thought as the process began, traveling to Wake Forest one night a week from Durham.

In 2005, my husband and I relocated from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to Durham, NC. Relocating to a new area that was challenge for me. Having to leaving our family, friends, and church home to unknown territory. The teaching and preaching to which I was a familiar with was no longer. So, the search began to find a place where, as my former Pastor would say, ”to find a Bible preaching, Bible teaching church.” A church home was found but there was still something missing. I still had the need to learn more of the Word of God. Then this wonderful friend introduced me to Southeastern, encouraging me to look into the Biblical Women’s Institute. That has been a saving grace for me. Having the opportunity to learn the history of the Bible, how to counsel hurting women, being an effective ministry leader’s wife, etc., was very enlightening. All of the instructors were outstanding and very knowledgeable. Dr. Danny and Mrs. Akin were such a blessing, thank you for your outstanding teachings and hospitality.

There are times you may think that you have it all together until God gives you revelations that there is still more to learn. And for that I am so grateful!

Attending the ceremony was so beautiful! I really felt the excitement in my spirit as I sat next to my classmates. It was a sense of completion, while turning the page to a new chapter on this Christian journey called life!

To GOD be ALL the glory!!!

Betty M. Smith

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