Textbooks for Spring 2017 Available Now!

As the spring semester approaches, we wanted to remind you about the new way of purchasing textbooks and some new features that were just recently added. SEBTS has partnered with eCampus to provide textbook services to you through an online option. With eCampus you have the option of buying used, new, and even the ability to rent books. In addition, all orders over $59 have free shipping! Two features have been recently added to make the ordering process easier for you:

  • Single Sign-On – Now when you login to CampusNet, your login will carryover to eCampus. So how do you get there?
    1. Click on the graphic below to login to campusnet.sebts.edu as you normally would
    2. Click on the MyMoodle menu option
    3. Choose your course from the left-hand side or in the center, under Course Overview, choose Future Semesters and then choose your course
    4. Click the Virtual Bookstore button to access the bookstore Button
  • Your Books Are Waiting For You – You don’t have to go through the hassle of searching for books by ISBN, book name, course number, etc. Instead, you will find that the classes for which you are registered and the associated books are already there waiting for you to place them in your cart. Please note that when initially registering for a course, it might take up to 15 minutes for you to be able to see your classes and books in eCampus.

Since books are being shipped to you, we recommend ordering your books as early as possible to make sure that they arrive on time. Many times orders are fulfilled the same if not the next day. However, due to other circumstances there could be some delays at times, so order your books with plenty of lead time. We hope that you find the process of ordering your books from eCampus easy and cost effective.

Textbooks for the upcoming spring semester are ready for you to order now!