Discussion: Life After Graduation | February 3

Time at Southeastern can be a great experience for many students due to the wonderful professors, community, and gospel-centered mindset. However, this experience primarily exists to prepare students for the ministries and vocations they will go in the future. From the moment students arrive at Southeastern, the school is focused on preparing them for their future vocations. And just as the education is driven by a desire to see students succeed in their futures, students must adopt a future-focused mindset long before graduation. Though seemingly far off, there is life after graduation, and it is imperative that students begin thinking about that reality before graduation. However, it is never too late to learn to think this way.

To encourage our students to begin this thought process, the Student Resources office will be hosting a group discussion on Friday, February 3 focused on “Life after Graduation.” This discussion will serve to provide students with the framework needed to make the most of their time at Southeastern. We will discuss the connection between education and vocation and consider what it takes to be ready to flourish in vocation. Finally, the group will work together to create a plan for discovering possible vocational paths and preparing for success in these fields. We would love for all students, and new students in particular, to join us at 1:00pm on February 3 in the Ledford Center MPR, to have this discussion!

Also, if you have any further questions about this event, please feel free to contact our office at 919-761-2357 or email us at studentresources@sebts.edu.

Life After Graduation Discussion | Friday | February 3 | 1:00pm | Multi-Purpose Room, Ledford Center