Resume Writing & Job Search Workshop

As another semester and a new year begins, many students are considering their future employment and ministry. There is a certain excitement that comes with the chance to enter a new job or a new ministry position, with all the possibilities and opportunities this new vocation might have. However, there is one part of this process of getting a new job, which may be significantly less enjoyable—actually applying. From the uncertain process of trying to create a good resume, to the awkwardness that defines many job interviews, the application process of a job search can be a less than pleasant experience.

Understanding these struggles, the Student Resources office would like to invite you to our biannual Job Search Workshop. This event consists of a talk about the essential building blocks of a strong resume and tips for performing well in the interview. Furthermore, this will be a great chance to ask any questions you might have about resumes, interviewing, or the job search process as a whole. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity, especially if you are preparing to graduate or you are a new student looking for a job in the area. So, come join us on Friday, January 20 at 1pm for a time of community and encouragement. We look forward to seeing you!

Also, if you have any further questions about this event, please feel free to contact our office at 919-76-2357 or email us at

Job Search Workshop | Friday | January 20 | 1:00pm | Eitel Auditorium, Jacumin-Simpson