Career Coaching Services at Southeastern

Over the last year, the Office of Student Resources has been working to develop a new service to our students. Following the models present in institutions such as The King’s College, Wake Forest University, and Stanford, Southeastern has created a new vocational and ministry development program which will work with students to develop the vision and skills needed to transition to and flourish in life beyond Southeastern.

Here are 3 ways in which the Southeastern’s Vocational and Ministry development program’s career coaching can serve you.

  1. Walking you through a process of discovery to determine where you are.

Through the use of behavioral and personality assessments, engaging exercises and conversational appointments, our office will assist you through the discovery process to achieve clarity about where you currently are. Together, we can use this understanding as a spring board to future steps.

Our goal is help you address various questions about the future, such as possible ministries and careers as well as personal life questions. While these issues may be highly important in your future, they do not need to overwhelming. The best way to determine your direction is to figure out where you are currently, and it is this point where Southeastern’s Vocational and Ministry Development will begin.

  1. Establishing goals and direction to guide progress and development.

Developing direction is another goal of Vocational and Ministry Development. By working from the starting point of where you are, our office will work with you to create personal development goals. In particular, we will help you determine what skills, virtues, and habits in which you desire to grow. These goals will serve as stepping stones for becoming the kind of person who can flourish in your life after graduation.

Developing a plan for this growth is important because you cannot have absolute knowledge about where you are going to end up. Personal and career development is not a map where you determine your exact destination and chart the most direct plan to get there. Instead, the process is more like a compass which allows you to control your progress by directing you in the proper general direction. Thus by focusing on your goals, our office can help you to start moving forward in the right direction.

  1. Inspiring vision which encourages flourishing at Southeastern.

Our office will work to show you how this direction for the future will lead to flourishing during your education. By connecting their education to their desired vocations you can be encourage to further faithfulness in your educational endeavors. As Donald Whitney says in his book on spiritual disciple, “discipline without direction is drudgery.” Having a direction in mind can provide real purpose to the transformative process of your studies at Southeastern. In other words, Vocational and Career Development can be a great encouragement for success both after and during your time at Southeastern.


All-in-all, the office has committed to developing this process in order to better serve our students. This process is a new opportunity for the SEBTS community and we are hoping to continue to build it from this point forward. We deeply encourage you to reach out to our office to discuss ways we can serve you individually. We thank you for your time and look forward to seeing you in the future!