Study Break | May 4

As Southeastern students plan for their finals, little did they know that Student Life had plans of their own. Secretly recruiting faculty to make pancakes for them was underway. The students, anticipating such actions, planned a counter attack in preparing to eat anything at the event.

Anticipating their anticipation, Student Life planned to add cherries, strawberries, and chocolate chips to their pancakes to make them more appealing and tastier as well. The students, not expecting the added goodness, will leave their stomachs vulnerable to the attack.

As students arrive for the event they will see it’s a trap and quickly take evasive action. A massive appetite will disperse at the event restoring balance to not only themselves, but to Southeastern as well…

This semester’s Study Break is quickly approaching. The Student Activities and Discipleship Office will be hosting a Star Wars themed Study Break in honor of May 4th in the Ledford Center from 9-11pm.

“Come to Study Break, you must. Do. Or do not. There is no try. May The Fourth Be With You.” –Yoda-Bach

Study Break | Thursday | May 4 | 9:00-11:00pm | Ledford Center