IJM | Student Activity Group

The International Justice Mission Campus Chapter at Southeastern is a branch of the NGO, International Justice Mission. The Campus Chapter at Southeastern began last spring and seeks to provide students of Southeastern’s campus with the information and tools to go out and begin advocating, working, serving, and fighting for different issues in the word today.

Our club has a very loose attendance policy. We want you to want to come. So, through planning fun and interesting events we hope you will want to come out and take part. However, if you miss, it is no problem!

Some examples of previous events that our chapter held are as follows:

  • A human trafficking awareness night where we watched a human trafficking allegory video titled, “The Candy Shop”, and followed with a round table discussion.
  • A refugee awareness night partnering with World Relief. (We also served a Chick-Fil-A dinner at this event J)
  • A coffee house event where we had coffee, chick-fil-a cookies, and live music. At this event we packed bags to keep in our cars for homeless people and also packed bags for First Choice Pregnancy Solutions.

If you have any questions about IJM or would like more information please contact the Chapter’s President, Sarah Atkinson, at satkinson@sebts.edu.