Flag Football | September 9 – November 11

Fall semester at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary can mean only one thing, it’s flag football season! Amongst all the hard work, preparation, and studying that it takes to have a successful semester, it’s important to make time for physical activity. Flag Football at Southeastern offers a chance at new relationships, friendly competition, and healthy exercise.

The sport of flag football is very similar to American football, just stripped down slightly to make it simpler and more fast-paced. Because there is no physical contact involved, and players are “tackled” by pulling flag belts that are clipped around the waist, the game is less about overpowering the opponent and more about strategy and speed. This makes flag football much more accessible to any and all that would like to join a team.

The leagues are split up by gender, and you must be a student, staff member, faculty member, alumni, or dependent at SEBTS to sign up. Each game is broken down into two twenty minute halves, usually lasting around an hour. Because the games are relatively quick, each team is able to play 2 games every Saturday between 9am-2pm. Whether you want to find 8-12 of your closest friends and captain your own team, or just want to sign up for a random team that is open, we as an intramural staff would love for you to come out and be apart of the 2017 season!

If you have any further questions please email Cody Evans at (cevans@sebts.edu) or Ben Redford at (​bredford@sebts.edu​).