CGCS Mentorship

Have you ever wondered how evangelism, missions and spiritual disciplines are connected to the Great Commission or how you ministry deepens your walk with the Lord? You’ll address, discuss and practically engage these questions and more in the Mentorship Program at The Center for Great Commission Studies. Alongside Dr. Hildreth, each mentorship gathering will include a special guest who specializes within the topic that will be discussed. Students will be given the opportunity to interact with the guest informally through dinner, reading discussion and Q&A.

The Mentorship Program is designed to equip a small number of students interested in thinking critically about evangelism, missions and spiritual disciplines in light of the Great Commission. We will examine how critical issues are intertwined through a wide variety of cultures both domestically and internationally.

The end goal is to create a culture of students who are spiritually prepared to bring the gospel to the nations. Our discipleship under Jesus Christ should lead us to value both the physically sending and spiritual equipping of missionaries.

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