Lolley Renovation

So much happened in Lolley, the girls dorm, this Summer!

With the help of Wendy Cockrell, the wife of Tate Cockrell, a counseling professor at Southeatestern, we were able to turn Lolley from drab to fab. Lolley is now a space that fosters community between the girls that live there and it also gives the new House System a place to meet and hold events.

Wendy said she loves to create things. She enjoys taking things that are not pleasing to the eye and making them beautiful. When asked how she got started in this hobbie she says, “I don’t really know exactly how it got started. I started really with events, I guess. The first was a VBS hospitality room for the workers and I just kept doing that every year which turned into the church aaking me to re-do a room and re-decorate offices. From there I just kept going and going.”

Wendy says she finds her inspiration from pinterest, magazines and flea markets. Check out the work Wendy did in Lolley below: