Why Should I Play Intramural Sports?

Sometimes the games that we love bring out characteristics that go against Christ and his Kingdom. Whether it is comparison, pride, or greed it is very easy to let these vices control us as we “play to win the game.” For most of my life I was comparing my performance to another person’s or playing with a “win at all costs” mentality. It was not until my junior year of college that I realized that I was playing for all the wrong reasons, and I noticed this while playing intramural sports.

Intramural sports are an outlet for us to compete for the glory of God and not our own glory. Yes, I understand that it is “just a game,” but these games are a gift from our Lord and we should use them as opportunities to glorify our Maker with the abilities he has given us. I whole heartedly believe that sports are a gift from the Lord and we should see them as an opportunity to grow as followers of Christ and to encourage one another.

Here are four reasons why I think you should play Intramurals here at Southeastern:

  1. Sanctification: I see competition as a mirror. This mirror stares deep into our hearts and reveals what is inside. Competition does not make people sin, rather the pressure of competition reveals what is already in the heart. Take the time to play and look inside your own heart and see what the Lord is teaching you.
  2.  Health: Intramurals provide a fun outlet for physical activity. It is an easy way to get up and go. Whether it is running down the basketball court or slamming a nice return on the Ping Pong table, you are able to be active, which allows you to be healthier.
  3. Community: To be honest, most of my friendships at Southeastern have been produced by Intramurals. It is an easy way to meet people and build new friendships
  4. Leadership Development: I saved this one for last, not because I think it is least important, but because most people do not see this one coming. Playing in intramurals pushes us to be better leaders. Whether that is getting a team together or explaining the rules to our teammates, Intramurals pushes us to grow as people and most importantly, as disciples.

There are a lot more reasons you should play Intramurals, but these are just a few that stuck out to me. If you would like to get involved check out the link below.

Sign up for spring sports at www.imleagues.com/sebts