Intramural Spikeball Tournament | February 19

With a mix between your favorite childhood game of four square and volleyball, spikeball is one of the most popular games in America today! It’s a fun, active, and competitive competition that is sure to have you breaking a sweat and laughing in the first 10 minutes of play. The game is a two on two contest with modified volleyball rules and no boundaries to obey. Furthermore, the net, is located a few inches off the ground instead of being a few feet in the air. As you can imagine, this game moves rapidly and becomes entertaining in just a few seconds.

Because of those reasons and many more, Intramurals at SEBTS will be hosting a Spikeball Tournament on February 19 from 6:00 PM-10:00 PM. Teams must consist of two people and may be co-ed as well. The tournament is open to anyone associated with Southeastern Seminary (i.e. students, faculty, staff, and dependents), and the games will be played in the Ledford gymnasium. So, take a break from the books and stress, find a teammate, and sign up to play in the Spikeball Tournament today!

Please sign up by February 16 at If you have any questions, please contact Cody Evans at