Intramural Ultimate Frisbee | March 17 – May 5

With the combination of the non-stop movement and endurance of soccer and the airborne passing skills and abilities of football, ultimate Frisbee is one of the most exciting intramural sports at SEBTS. If you’re ready to get grass stains on your shorts while enjoying the warmer weather of spring, you will not want to miss out on intramural ultimate Frisbee. A game of ultimate Frisbee is played by two teams with a flying disc on a field with end zones, similar to football. To score, a player must catch the Frisbee in the opponent’s end zone; however, once the Frisbee is caught, the player cannot move. As many know, this is a sport that takes energy, skill, and of course, creativity. Now, are you ready to play? The season begins on March 17 and continues until May 5. Games will be played on Saturday afternoons on the intramural fields behind Patterson Hall. The league is open to anyone associated with Southeastern Seminary (i.e. students, faculty, staff, and dependents), and teams may be Co-Ed as well. So, put down the books for a few minutes and get ready to player ultimate Frisbee! You may form a team, join a team, or sign up as a free agent. To sign up, visit

For questions, contact Cody Evans at