Language and Identity: The Pressure to Switching Dialects | March 20

“Normal” speech is determined by our families and local communities. Our assumptions about verbal communication are challenged and expanded when we enter new environments – this is especially true of our educational journeys. In college and seminary we gain a new theological lexicon and are faced with the challenge of communicating the gospel “down home” and “on the block” to those who don’t share the same theological vocabulary.

“Language and Identity: The Pressure of Switching Dialects” is an event that explores the challenge of contextualizing language and its implications for communication in ministry, theological dialogue, and missional engagement.

Join Dr. Walt Wolfram, Executive Producer of “Talking Black in America,” Dr. Miles, professor Branch and Dr. Strickland for a presentation and panel discussion on how to communicate the gospel to people “down home” and “on the block” after receiving a robust theological lexicon during college and seminary?”