Yearlong Ministry Opportunities | Generation LINK

The Generation LINK Residency is an intense yearlong residency program through the local church designed to develop men and women as life-long disciple makers. Generation LINK residents gain diverse ministry experience, valuable leadership opportunities, rigorous theological training (SEBTS Extension), and intentional discipleship, all within the context of rich gospel community.

So what makes this a Residency? Well, just as a medical residency prepares its students for the medical field through intense training in diverse environments, the Generation LINK Residency prepares participants for a lifetime of ministry by doing the same. This training is incredibly valuable, whether participants aspire to be missionaries, pastors, church planters, or men and women in the marketplace.

Generation LINK residents have immediate and significant ministry outlets to exercise what they are learning, while under the oversight of godly leadership. This allows residents to develop and work out their theology in a safe, yet challenging, context.

Our Residency even offers options for participants to earn a Master of Arts or a Master of Divinity degree from SEBTS. Check out opportunities and apply today!