The Layered Hybrid

Layered Hybrid for Distance Learning Students.

  • This format gives you an opportunity to come to campus and experience face-to-face interaction with faculty and fellow students.
  • It allows you to join us in our weekly chapel services.
  • It helps you complete more credits per semester.  (OR “finish more credits per semester.”)

Each layered hybrid course last 6.5 weeks and combines 6 weeks of online coursework and 2.5 days of intensive in-class instruction. Course 1 begins online and concludes in class, while course 2 begins in-class and concludes online. In this way, Distance Learning students are able to take two layered hybrid courses each semester while focusing on one course at a time and coming to campus for just one week.

The course format combines 6-weeks of online instruction and 2.5 days of intensive in-class training. Half of the material is covered in the online portion, and half is covered in the days on campus. This spring, the on-campus week will be March 12-16 (see more details below). This enables students to take both courses while spending only one week on campus.

Layered hybrid classes are reserved for Distance Learning students who live at least 120 miles away from campus.

If you are not a full-time student, we want to encourage you to consider using the Layered Hybrid format to increase the number of hours you take each semester.

Consider taking six credit hours instead of three each semester. For those who can only focus on one course at a time, this new format allows you to complete six credit hours per semester because the second course does not begin until after the first ends.

Consider taking nine credit hours instead of six each semester. This option also allows students who prefer to take two classes at a time enroll in nine credit hours per semester by adding an online course, regular hybrid, or conference class to the two Layered Hybrid classes. This enables Distance Learning students to be considered full-time, on-campus students who are therefore eligible for more financial aid opportunities while still taking just two classes at once.

In the Fall 2018,* we are offering:

Course 1: ETH3600.HYBL/ETH5100.HYBL Intro to Christian Ethics (undergraduate and graduate) with Dr. David Jones

Course 2: NTS5110.HYBL New Testament Introduction and Interpretation I: Jesus and the Gospels with Dr. David Beck

Please note, to receive credit for these courses, you must attend the entire face-to-face portion for each class on the main campus. Whether enrolled in one or both of the layered hybrid classes, the specially scheduled events on Wednesday are mandatory. If you miss any portion of this face-to-face component, you must WITHDRAW from the course.

To help the week on campus to go smoothly, a special meal plan from Magnolia Kitchen is available for $125 for 15 meals. Commuter housing is also available through the SEBTS Housing Office.


A distance learning student living more than 120 miles away from Wake Forest has the opportunity to receive:

  • classroom & campus experience
  • full-time status by taking 3 classes while only taking 2 classes at a time (i.e., 1 full semester class coupled with 2 layered hybrids),
  • access to on-campus and full-time Financial Aid.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Distance Learning at or at (919) 761-2269.


*List of future Layered Hybrid Courses may be found on the course scheduling Moodle page.