3 Ways That BWI is Equipping Women for Ministry

Who is the Biblical Women’s Institute for? It is for any woman, anywhere. If you are desiring to know the Bible more so that you can love and serve those around you, we invite you to come study with us. If you desire to learn how to teach the Bible, come learn alongside other women. If you want to learn to think deeply about the things of God and be transformed into a disciple-maker, come invest in BWI. For the young mom who desires to teach her children to love Jesus or the older woman who is eager to pour into the younger women in her church, come grow in your knowledge of the Lord.

Here are three ways that BWI is training women to better engage in the ministry to which God has called them:

  1. BWI equips women from any stage of life.

The Biblical Women’s Institute has been and will always be a training ground for women, supported by people who truly believe in the importance of women being prepared for ministry wherever the Lord has called them. BWI in the past was designed, by necessity, for the seminary student’s wife or pastor’s wife. While we are thankful for the way these women have been trained and are now serving all across the globe, we are seeking to expand the certificate to include all stages of life and ministry. Recently, there has been a resurgence of women desiring to be equipped through theological education and the Biblical Women’s Institute is stepping up to meet that need.

  1. BWI equips women to study, apply and teach the Word of God.

In order for our program to produce women who are prepared to serve, we believe we must train them to know and love God’s Word. Knowing God’s Word impacts everything, and that is what our mission statement flows from: We seek to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by teaching women to know God’s Word in such a way that it structures their beliefs, directs their lives, impacts their teaching and motivates them to multiply disciples. It would be nearly impossible to teach women how to do every specific task in ministry. But it is very possible to teach women to study God’s Word and equip them with the tools needed to apply and teach it effectively in their local churches. With a knowledge of God and the history of the church, women are given a framework for how to love God and serve others in the context of a fallen world. Through studying who God is in the pages of Scripture, women learn the character of God. Through applying Scripture to their lives, women can implement all they have learned into everyday life. Through teaching Scripture, women better equip their fellow sisters in Christ to love  God and serve the Church.

3. BWI equips women to be disciples who make disciples.

We believe that when women come to experience the saving power of Jesus, there is nothing greater for them in all the world than following him. As women follow hard after Jesus, we want to equip women to not only grow deeper in their personal walk but to teach them how to go and make disciples in the context of their lives. We need faithful Christian women to disciple younger women in the Church as well as to make disciples in their neighborhoods, workplaces and beyond. The Great Commission is a command to all believers to make disciples and God is calling his daughters to play a major role in that process. Will you join Him in that mission?

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