The Writing Center

The Writing Center fosters a campus-wide culture of critical thinking through writing, offering students personal appointments and instruction for the glory of Jesus Christ (Rom. 11:36). Located in the library commons, the Writing Center consists of ten writing consultants—two professors, three graduate students, and five college seniors, all trained in Advanced Writing—who offer feedback and assistance with the crafts, drafts, and conventions of composition for all research writing projects.

We frequent in instructive dialogue and feedback to help writers improve writing projects (effects) by improving critical skills (causes), all in a manner that is respectful, friendly, and confidential. We recognize that every essay and every writer is a work in progress. Therefore, we serve as supportive allies and candid critics, encouraging progress by fostering full potential and creative energies toward desired outcomes.

We offer many modes of help (at links just below) and popular resources, including brief instructional videos like these: Introduction to the Writing Center (1:23) and How to Make an Appointment (1:38).

The Writing Center changes the world one writer at a time by offering instructive feedback, handouts, videos, and resources.