Apply for the Charles B. Keesee Educational Fund Grant by May 1st!

Dear students,

Greetings from Student Resources & Financial Aid at Southeastern! We hope this post finds you well. We want to remind you that you still have time to apply for this very significant external source of financial aid for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. The application deadline is Friday, May 1st for all applicants!

If you have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 and are currently a legal resident of NC, SC, VA, KY, GA, TN or WV you may be eligible for the Charles B. Keesee Educational Fund grant. In order to meet the residency requirements of the Keesee Fund, a student must be a U. S. Citizen and must have lived in one of the states listed above for a minimum of twelve months immediately prior to entering any college, seminary, or school. The Scholarship Committee reserves the right to determine residency. You may not establish residency while being a student.


College Juniors and Seniors may apply for a grant in the amount of $4,000.00 for up to two years (4 semesters).


Grants for graduate students typically fall in the range of $3,500.00 to $8,000.00 per year and students may receive the grant for up to four years. Keesee accepts all MDiv degree programs and a few MA programs (Church Planting, Intercultural Studies, Christian Education, and Christian Ministry).


Students in the Doctor of Ministry program may apply for a grant in the amount of $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 per year for up to three years.

What about coursework?

Hybrid classes are considered equivalent to “on-campus.” Students should take at least one on-campus course each fall and spring semester in order to receive the Keesee grant for those semesters. Students who only take on-line classes are not eligible for the grant. Additionally, hours taken off campus cannot be considered as part of the hours required to qualify for aid. The only courses that may receive an exception to this policy are Mentored Internship and Supervised Field Ministry if those classes are required for your degree program. Lastly, conference classes do not qualify for the Keesee Grant.

How do I apply?

You may apply for the Keesee grant using the links below. Please be sure to first review the Keesee website for all guidelines and eligibility requirements. This application has four sections: Student Information, Eligibility, Student Finances, and Personal Statement. Please note that once you start the application, you cannot exit and return to it. Therefore, please allow 1-2 hours so that you can finish the entire application in one sitting. Be prepared to provide budget info as well as an essay detailing your specific plans for ministry in the Baptist denomination.

Again, the application deadline is Friday, May 1st for ALL applicants this year! We have moved the deadline back for graduate students to allow students ample time to apply for this significant source of financial aid.

Below are the links to apply:

College Application

Graduate Application

DMIN Application

In the meantime, please contact our office at if you have any questions—we are here to serve you!