Get your Free Copy of Logos Bible Software!

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary has a partnership with Logos Bible Software where you get can get a FREE copy of Logos Bible Software with the Academic Basics Package. When you first registered for classes, you would have received an email from FaithLife, the parent company of Logos, inviting you to register for a FaithLife group. If you still have the email, you can follow the instructions in it to obtain your free copy of Logos. If you do not have that email any longer, follow these four steps to get your free copy of Logos.

(1) Register for your free FaithLife account using your student email address by clicking HERE.
(2) Join the SEBTS Faithfile Group by clicking HERE.
(3) Join the SEBTS Students Faithlife Group by clicking HERE.
***Note that you must join both groups to receive the Academic Basics Package***
(4) Download and install Logos Bible software by clicking HERE. You will sign in the account you registered using your student email address.

Once you download and install Logos Bible Software, it will automatically update with the Academic Basics Package.

If you already have a personal Logos account, you can merge to the two accounts. You will need to follow the first three steps above. Then contact Logos Customer Service at Give them the user ID for your personal account and your student account and ask them to merge the accounts