Flag football

Flag Football | September 9 – November 11

Fall semester at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary can mean only one thing, it’s flag football season! Amongst all the hard work, preparation, and studying that it takes to have a successful semester, it’s important to make time for physical activity. Flag Football at Southeastern offers a chance at new relationships, friendly competition, and healthy exercise.

Intramural Flag Football Pick-up Games (August 14)

Come out and join us for our annual Intramural Flag Football Pick-up Game Day. On Wednesday August 14th from 2:00-3:30 we will meet on the intramural fields below the Patterson parking lot (behind the Duplexes) for a fun time of flag football scrimmages. Once we get enough people we will divide into teams and get

First Flag Football Combine and Scrimmage (Thurs, Aug 16)

Intramurals is hosting the first annual Flag Football Combine and Scrimmage! This will take place August 16th from 2:00 pm until 4:00pm. We have invited all of our new students to come out and play and meet people on campus. This is a great and unique opportunity to meet new students or students you have not