Orphan Care Coffee House

Orphan Care Coffee House (Nov 7)

“A father to the fatherless… is our God.” Do you believe this?  A recent statistic says that there are over 163 MILLION orphans worldwide. These orphans need to know that they are cared for by God the Father and to be shown that love in a practical way. Come show your care and support for orphans at

Are you hungry? 25 Cent snacks in Ledford today

Please stop by the Ledford Center front desk to purchase a sweet snack.   We only have a few items remaining from the Orphan Care Coffee House.  All desserts are $0.25 and the money will be added to the amount raised for the Cannan Orphanage in Haiti.  If you could not attend the fundraiser last night

Orphan Care Coffee House- TONIGHT

Orphans No More Scripture is full of passages that speak about our adoption into the kingdom of God. We were chosen before the foundation of the world to be adopted into His kingdom (Eph 1:5), rescued from the domain of darkness and transferred into His marvelous light (1 Pet 2:9), and through Christ Jesus are