Being a ‘Divine Disturbance’

All Southeastern students: We heard a challenge yesterday from one of our own, Jerome Gay, lead pastor of Vision International Church in southeast Raleigh. Jerome wants his church to be part of a gospel-centered resurgence to create a “new normal” within the inner-city church culture. For those of you willing to accept that challenge, here are some suggestions for follow-up:

  • On September 25th the church will begin its adoption of the Washington Terrace Community in Southeastern Raleigh with a push toward education. They need at least 20 men to assist in giving out book bags and information about testing preparation in the neighborhood.
  • They need school supplies, books bags, and educational literature to be donated as a continuing part of that effort.
  • The church had a van donated to them, but need to raise $750 to put new tires on the vehicle.
  • The church has ongoing relationships in the area of St. Augustine’s College, as well as the local Boys and Girls Club in their neighborhood. Be a part of the gospel saturation by donating time to those efforts.

For more information or to help with any of these things, contact Steve Gunter,  executive pastoral assistant at Vision International, by phone at 919-841-2899 or e-mail at You can check out more about the church at

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