Gathering chapel challenges students to consider the world

Missions is at the heart of Southeastern, and the mission of God in their life is what students are challenged to consider from the beginning of their time at Southeastern.

During Southeastern’s annual Gathering chapel service on August 24, missions – both domestic and international – was the focus. Under the leadership of the Center for Great Commission Studies, students were challenged to hear about opportunities to share the gospel and spread the name of Christ in mission fields, near and far.

Mike Dodson, Associate Director for North American Missions, challenged students to consider planting their lives among the 258 million lost people of North America, mentioning cities of great need, such as Toronto, Canada, Providence, Rhode Island and Salt Lake City, Utah. “Are you willing to prepare to go now?” he said.

Looking at the text of Revelation 5, Greg Mathias, Associate Director of International Missions, said, “This picture (of every tribe, tongue and nation worshiping before God’s throne) is not yet complete. Our task is unfinished. What are you doing right now to take the gospel to those who have never heard?”

Exegeting the Great Commission, the director of the CGCS, Scott Hildreth, said, “Our passion is to train students to take the Great Commission seriously. The Great Commission and the call to the nations is the thing that drives us.” He said all believers are called to take up the mandate Christ gave to the apostles to “make disciples of all nations. There is a whole world to consider.”

To watch the video of the service, please visit here.

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