Scholarship Postings & ½ Price Dependent Refunds

The Majority of scholarships from the Financial Aid Office have been disbursed to student accounts, as well as the ½ price dependent refunds. Thank you for your patience in this process. Now that this credit has applied to accounts you may do one of a few things.

  1. Apply credit towards a FACTS plan by completing the FACTS Change of Status Form;  . Please submit this form to the Accounting Services office at least 5 business days prior to your next bank account draft.
  2. Request a refund check for the amount of the credit available. Please submit the form to the Accounting Services Office; No checks will be refunded if a student has a FACTS Plan remaining balance; the FACTS plan must be decreased by the credit on the account.
  3. Leave the credit on your student account for future tuition and charges.

NOTE: If you lost some or all of your scholarships you are responsible for any resulting account balances. If you have questions about your Financial Aid not being received please contact the Financial Aid office at

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