20-20 Christmas Extraordinaire Challenge (set 3)

20-20 Christmas Extraordinaire Challenge (set 3 trivia questions)

11. In It’s A Wonderful Life, what two friends share their names with two Sesame Street characters?

12. What is the name of the most famous Christmas ballet?

13. In the film Elf, what is the name of the department store Buddy decorates?

14. What Saturday Evening Post artist was known for his whimsical pictures of Santa Claus?

15. What is Charlie Brown’s complaint about Christmas?


Student Life invites you to Christmas Coffee House on Thursday, December 2nd from 9-11 PM. As the semester winds down, take a break from writing papers and enjoy a little bit of Christmas festivity.  We will be hanging out with friends, decorating cookies, drinking lots o’ coffee, and listening to Mike Pope jam out to some holiday favorites.

Opportunities to win a little yuletide cheer (aka prizes)

  • Bring your own mug!
    Best mug (Christmas style or not) will win a prize.
  • Dress in your craziest Christmas costume.
    Craziest costume will win another prize.
  • 20-20 Christmas Extraordinaire Challenge
    Watch Around Southeastern for the 20 Christmas Trivia questions posted with the Christmas Coffee House advertisements over the next 2 weeks. The first 20 people to turn in the 20 trivia questions at Coffee House will win coupons to LifeWay Bookstore.

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