Wright, Akin address issues of SBC and SEBTS

In a special luncheon held after Convocation, Southern Baptist Convention president Bryant Wright and Southeastern president Daniel Akin discussed the state of the SBC, the Great Commission Resurgence, church planting and a variety of other topics.

Wright, who once made waves by saying he wanted to see the percentage of funds sent to missions drastically increased, once again outlined his desires for the funds of the SBC.

“Right now, about 60 percent of money stays in-state, while 40 percent is sent out for missions,” he said. “That should be 25 percent staying in-state with 75 percent being sent out. I’d love to see state conventions keep just 25-30 percent and have the rest end up on the mission fields. If state conventions would even move to a fifty-fifty split, it would be huge. I believe God called local churches to reach the nations – not state conventions. State conventions are called to support the work of local churches.”

Akin said that the responsibility in implementing changes in structure now falls to the Executive Committee. During the luncheon, he also spoke to his excitement over seeing Southeastern partner with 100 or more churches to provide theological education across the country through the local church.

“The best theological education takes place in partnership between the seminary and the local church,” Akin said.

To view the talk with Akin and Wright, please visit the video link here.

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