Work Day at the Black’s for Missions!

Dr. and Mrs. Black are having a workday at their farm/retreat center in Virginia (1 hour and 15 minutes from Wake Forest) on Saturday, April 30, from 8 am to 5:00 pm. Instead of hiring a company to clear shrubbery, prepare walking trials, cut firewood, etc., they invite you to help. A great lunch will be provided at no cost. The cause is an important one. In Alaba, Ethiopia, which is a Muslim stronghold, the government is threatening to confiscate land from a local church if a meeting place is not built there soon. The site of the new church building is strategically located at a major crossroads beside the home of a Muslim witch doctor. The congregation cannot raise the funds to accomplish this task. For every hour of work you do at the farm, the Blacks will donate at least $10 to assist this church. Will you join in the fun and fellowship at the farm and at the same time help your brothers and sisters in Alaba? RSVP requested. Their email is Thank you!

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