Internship Opportunity- Course Credit

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Job Description:  Church Development Ministry Intern

Church Development Ministry Intern

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Completed a 4-year degree
  2. Enrolled as a seminary/divinity student with a minimum of 6 hours per semester

Among the areas of responsibility/expectations are:

  • Both good independent worker and able to take constructive criticism/supervision
  • Would be under the direct supervision of the Associational Missionary
  • 12-hour/week flexible office hours approved in advance by the Associational Missionary(Major ministry projects sometimes necessitate more hours)
  • Two-year appointment
  • Stipend:  $800 per month
  • Training Allowance:  $500 per year (with Associational Missionary approval in advance)
  • Mileage reimbursement:  $200 per month   (Accountable reimbursement plan)
  • Work with volunteers from member churches in operation of the various church and community ministries of the association.
  • Work with member churches upon request in making resources available to member churches for the various Festival Ministries throughout the association.
  • Writing grants to various entities to provide funding for the various ministries
  • Provide training for Operation INASMUCH and coordinate efforts within the association to engage member churches in INASMUCH
  • Offer training at least once a year to member churches on how churches can plan to do partnership missions as a church  (IMB has the curriculum)
  • Assist the Associational Missionary and other TRBA staff and leadership in the various training events of the association and in the member churches.
  • Assist the Associational Missionary and other TRBA staff and leadership in ongoing efforts to strengthen the local church through the Bible study ministries of the church.
  • Assist the Associational Missionary with approved TRBA mission trips (local, state, national, and foreign)
  • Assess both local needs and state/regional/national requests concerning either church involvement/TRBA modeling of local/regional/national requests
  • Work with staff in updating the TRBA resource manual for member churches
  • Assist TRBA with crisis care requests

In addition to the requirements specific to the position with Tar River Baptist Association, there are expectations for the CDMI with regard to their receiving credit in this position:

  • CDMI is expected to meet weekly with the Associational Missionary as mentor.
  • CDMI, SEBTS, and the Associational Missionary will articulate the reading, project, and writing about the project in 3 particular semesters that correspond with SEBTS’ fall, spring, summer semesters
  • CDMI will receive academic credit at period intervals (1st, 3rd, and 4th semesters) for a maximum of 9 semester hours during the intership.

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