COLLEGE STUDENTS: Water Day on Friday!

Calling all College at Southeastern students!!! The most exciting event of the year is THIS FRIDAY. That’s right…Water Wednesday is back…except it’s on Friday! Water Friday doesn’t have the same ring, so its been renamed to Water Day!

What is Water Day you ask?

Well, just imagine a 100 ft long slip ‘n slide, sponge tag, snacks, and water gun wars with all of your friends… that’s what Water Day is!

Now its time to ask you two questions:

So, really, what’s not to love? Why would you not want to come?

Grab your family members,  friends, water guns and a towel and come out to the Intramural fields from 1-3 PM for a ton of fun.

*Students are encouraged to honor each other by wearing dark colored shorts and shirts

If you have any questions, please call the Student Life Office at 919-761-2302.

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